Sketchup Pro Maintenance & Support - Single User

Sketchup Pro Maintenance & Support - Single User

£114.01 INC VAT

  • £95.00

One year renewal for Sketchup Pro Maintenance & Support where your support contract is about to expire or has expired within the last 3 weeks. 

Sales of Sketchup Pro Maintenance & Support will end on Nov 4th, 2020. You can buy additional months of support to ensure you get all uppgrades until November 3rd 2021 from here

If your existing Sketchup Pro Maintenance & Support expired over 3 weeks ago, you will be required to pay a reinstatement fee to re-enter the Maintenance & Support programme.

If expiry was in the last year this reinstatement fee is due in addition to the Maintenance & Support contract cost.

If expiry over 12 months ago, then this reinstatement fee is due in addition to the Maintenance & Support contract cost.

Buying a Maintenance and Support Contract allows you to upgrade to the latest version of Sketchup Pro. This is only possible if your maintenance contract expired within the last three years.

The benefits of having a valid maintenance and support include:

  • All updates and upgrades are covered. You will get auto-upgraded to all future releases, educandi will provide you with these licence details upon every new release
  • Knowledge Center, Help Forum, email and phone support (initially through educandi).
  • Predictable Expense / Easy to budget. You know that one paymentwill keep you up to date and compliant with SketchUp.