Quark Xpress 2021 Student/Teacher/Education - 3 Years Advantage Cover

£186.00 INC VAT

  • £155.00

QuarkXPress 2021 Single User for Student/Teacher users with 3 years of Advantage cover giving access to all updates and upgrades at no extra cost.

This is an ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) item. The download location and licence details will be e-mailed to you on completion of order.

Available to students, teachers and educational users. Please forward proof of status to sales@educandi.co.uk

Quark Xpress 2021

Quark Advantage

Quark Xpress now comes with Advantage Cover which gives all updates and upgrades for the period of cover. Quark Xpress comes with a mandatory minimum of one year of cover but you can extend this for up to three years, reducing overall cost and ensuring that you are always up to date with the latest bug fixes and enhancements.

Page Layout

Match the brilliance of your layout, with powerful Typography that lets you achieve your design flair effortlessly Import and export to all major raster and vector files.

Graphics & Illustrations

Create gorgeous Illustrations, design color blends with Multi-color Gradients, control color channels, apply non-destructive image editing and allows you to Bring your Creativity ALIVE!

Photo Editing

Create Artifacts which can be as Aesthetic as Dramatic to Propel your Business Branding, with Superior Image Editing Capabilities.

Web Publication

Groundbreaking modern responsive web design where you can effortlessly generate rich interactive digital publications for truly rich, responsive experience.

Mobile App Publication

Switch seamlessly and transition your design from Print to Digital, create Mobile Apps for iOS and Android which carry the Flair of Print Design.


Features that Make QuarkXPress Everyone’s Favorite


Convert Adobe InDesign Files

Sit back, relax and don’t think about working with existing InDesign files. In 3 simple steps, convert all your InDesign files effortlessly.

PDF Accessibility Support

QuarkXPress now supports all PDF accessibility standards, so you can export PDFs that are compliant with the PDF/UA (ISO 14289), PDF/A, and WCAG 2.0 requirements.

Table Styles

Designers can access table styles from the measurement palette, which offers much finer control over formatting tables at the cell level, plus unlimited opportunity to format borders and shading.

Responsive Web Design

Flex Layouts, a first in digital publishing for graphic designers. Flex Layouts do not require any HTML or CSS coding skills, which means graphic designers can start creating banner ads, landing pages, microsites, and more.

New in Quark 2021

  • Recreate QuarkXPress documents from existing PDFs
  • Larger pasteboard for a better layout processing
  • Import SVG pictures into HTML5 publications
  • IDML integration with Bleed settings
  • Work with Multi-layers
  • Extensive pasteboard integration with Bleed settings
  • Consistent reading experience with content-based Table of Contents
  • Improvements to the text stroking feature
  • Book enhancements now provide authors control over index terms across projects



System Requirements

Mac: macOS Big Sur (11.0.1), macOS Mojave (10.14.6) or macOS Catalina(10.15.x)
Windows: 8.1 and 10 (64-bit only with latest updates)