Mindsight PlaceMaker

£174.00 INC VAT

  • £145.00

Annual subscription for MindSight PlaceMaker. This is an ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) item. The download location and licence details will be e-mailed to you on completion of order.

Instant city builder! PlaceMaker automates the creation of your site model with a simple mouse stroke!

Features Include:

  • Import High resolution aerial imagery from DigitalGlobe
  • Import OpenStreetMap 3D roads, walks, paths, water and 3D building massing models
  • Imagery, roads, paths, water and buildings can be imported directly onto terrain.
  • Navigate your model using Google Street View
  • Geo-location tool that works with SU2016 and newer


Import High resolution aerial directly into SketchUp to use as your base.


3D Buildings

Insert 3D building massing models for select locations and cities.

Roads and Paths

Place 3D roads, walks, paths and water into your model. All objects are modeled and render ready.


Model on Terrain

PlaceMaker will model and drape buildings, 3D roads and paths directly onto terrain.

Export to Revit

Use the Export to Revit function and import your model into Revit.


Instant Site Base

Create instant site base files to use for modeling, design and rendering.

    In order to provide high-quality low-cost licensed imagery that can be legally downloaded and used for 3D modelling references, there is a restriction on the number of imagery downloads per user.  Each licensed user will have a quota (limit) of imagery map tile downloads.  The annual limit is currently 3000 tiles (subject to change).  This limit is per license. Additional imagery credits can be purchased here.