FlexTools FlexPack Pro for Sketchup - Student

FlexTools FlexPack Pro for Sketchup - Student

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12 month subscription to Flextools for Sketchup Pro for Students. Architects and 3D artists use the FlexTools platform to generate SketchUp doors, windows and other architectural elements, with exceptional levels of speed and control.


The Dynamic Components

FlexTools toolbar
 FlexDoor Icon Flex Minimal Door B Icon FlexWindow Icon FlexTrapezoid Icon FlexSlider Icon
FlexDoor  Minimal Doors FlexWindow FlexTrapezoid FlexSlider
Double-Hung Icon Casement Double Icon Flex Fixed Window Icon Casement Single Icon Hopper Awning Icon
DoubleHung Casement Double Flex Fixed Casement Single Hopper / Awning

FlexSlat Icon

FlexPanel Icon FlexStairs Icon FlexSlope Icon
FlexSlat FlexPanel FlexStairs FlexSlope


Scale components to fit precisely.  All parameters and proportions are maintained.

Fully Parametric

Components are fully parametric, so making changes is fast and easy.  FlexTools fits perfectly into interactive design processes.

Total Customization

Every element of the components can be adjusted.  Explore new design alternatives in seconds.


The FlexTools Toolbar

Rotate Component 90 Degrees Place Upright Toggles between: Placing a component in it's default orientation OR Rotating it by 90 degrees so it is upright and not glued to any surfaces. Having this toggle ON, disables the automatic WallCutter behaviors of a component
Flip Icon


Flips the cutter version of FlexDoor inside-out. (For other flipping directions - Right Click > Flip Along > ... )
WallCutter Icon


Cut through multiple layered walls with dynamic openings that re-adjust themselves automatically.
open-close icon

Open / Close

Open / Close multiple FlexDoors at once

Zapper IconZapper

Completely removes dynamic behaviors while maintaining component instances and hierarchy.
Interact Tool Icon


Interact with dynamic components.

(Native SketchUp tool)

Cleaner Icon


 Deletes deeply nested hidden geometry.

Component Options Icon

Component Options


Adjust dynamic component parameters.

(Native SketchUp tool)

FlexRefresh Icon


 Refresh the selected components.

Component Attributes Icon

Component Attributes


Author and edit dynamic components.

(Native SketchUp Tool - Pro only)

Planview Icon


 One click optimization for 2D plans.

Component Finder Toolbar Icon


 Manage your local 3D models library, find and save the components you need easily.

FlexTools for Sketchup works with Sketchup 2017, 2018, 2019 on Windows and MacOS.