Shaderlight Pro  - Time Limited - Mac

Shaderlight Pro - Time Limited - Mac

£43.85 INC VAT

  • £36.54

Shaderlight Pro for Sketchup for MacOS users. Time limited for short term projects or evaluation. Valid for 30, 90 or 120 days.

Shaderlight is a plug-in renderer for Trimble SketchUp. It’s so intuitive that anyone using SketchUp to model can render great images right out of the box.

It's quite different to the other tools out there; as soon as you hit render, your image appears, but it also keeps updating as you work on your SketchUp model - so it's easy to see where you're going wrong (or right!). It’s close integration to Trimble SketchUp will make you feel right at home, allowing you to render directly from your SketchUp toolbar – there’s no need to import your model first.