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Please note that serial numbers are now only issued for Educational Lab licences, there will be no future perpetual licences for SketchUp.

All commercial, student and NFP subscription activations are controlled via your Trimble account. 

Sketchup serial numbers are specific to a version of the software, for instance, a Sketchup Pro 2019 licence will not work with Sketchup Pro 2020.

Changing the first letter of your licence will not make it work in another version. Upgrades and downgrades are free of charge for valid licences so please e-mail us at if you need to change versions.

Not sure if you have the correct serial number for the copy of Sketchup that you have downloaded? Here's how to tell if you have the correct serial number...

It is possible to determine the whether a licence is commercial or educational and also the version and platform type, from the serial number. 

The first letter of a serial number depicts what version the licence is:  

V= 2020
U = 2019
T = 2018
S = 2017 
R = 2016 
Q = 2015 
P = 2014 
N = 2013 
M = version 8 
L = version 7 
K = version 6 
J = version 5 

 When the second letter is:  

"H" (as in RH) - the serial number is educational 
"A" (as in RA) - the serial number is commercial 
"C" (as in RC) - the serial number is an NFR (Not For Resale) 
"F" (as in RF) – the serial number is an educator (teacher) licence 

Educational, non-profit and educator licences are valid for twelve months. 

For pre-2015 licences:  

Upper case serials are Windows, and also the last letter of the SN is ‘W’ 
Lower case serials are Mac, and the last letter of the SN is ‘m’ 
All new licences will end in an ‘R’


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