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If you can't afford the full commercial version of Sketchup or don't qualify for the reduced pricing of the Sketchup Student Licence then in the past you've been able to use Sketchup Make.

From November 2017, Trimble discontinued development of Sketchup Make, the free version of Sketchup that came without Layout. Sketchup Make 2017 can still be downloaded from https://www.sketchup.com/download/all?from=partner

Trimble replaced Sketchup Make with Sketchup Free, a web based 3D modeller. SketchUp Free is the simplest, easiest-to-use 3D free modeler around. You don’t need thousands of buttons and dropdowns for 3D drawing: you do need space to draw.

SketchUp Free is the most accessible SketchUp we’ve ever created. It loads in modern web browsers on any operating system, so you can model on Chromebooks and Linux today. And SketchUp Free is versionless: you’re always using the fastest, most up-to-date iteration.

  • Same great SketchUp

    Go to app.SketchUp.com and start modeling now. You’re using the same modeling engine as the desktop version, running in a browser.

  • Connected

    Use Trimble Connect to host your models online, so your work stays up-to-date and accessible wherever you need it. Your projects auto-save, and in the event of a crash, your latest work will be there when you re-launch SketchUp Free.

  • Ready to Share & Collaborate

    Trimble Connect brings sharing and collaboration to SketchUp. Invite people to view or edit a model. Make and reply to comments; create and assign to-do’s. You’re always working on the most up-to-date version of your model and it’s easy to look up a history of changes.

Access Sketchup Free here...  https://app.sketchup.com/app?hl=en

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