How to use Sketchup's Tools - Navigation, Line Tool, Rectangle Tool, Push/Pull Tool, Selection, Inference Locking & The Eraser

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Wondering how the tools in SketchUp work? Learn about the basic to advanced tools in these tutorial videos.


Navigation is essential in SketchUp. The orbit, zoom and pan tools are all built into the use of a 3-button mouse for speed and convenience as well.


The Line Tool

Edges are the foundation of everything in SketchUp, learn how to draw them in any direction.


The Rectangle Tool

Learn to use the rectangle tool in SketchUp with some tips for best use and accuracy.


The Push/Pull Tool

Push/ pull is possibly the single tool that most defines SketchUp. For as easy and powerful as it is, many SketchUp users don't know about some of the tips to make it even more useful. 



The Selection Tool

Selecting objects may seem simple, but there are actually many tips and modifiers for making precise and quick selections of geometry and groups in SketchUp you may not know about.



Inference Locking

Inference locking is the ability to draw or move in only one direction and still reference other geometry. It is a key skill for fast and efficient SketchUp use.




 The Eraser

The eraser will erase edges and groups, but you can also use it to hide or soften edges. Watch this video for tips on how to best use the eraser tool.


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