Create HTML5 Publications with Quark Xpress

Posted by Geoff Powell on

HTML5 Publications 

How do you transform publications and layouts that you have created for print into online experiences? Think of a brochure, a portfolio site or a magazine. Sure, you could use PDF, but PDF doesn't deliver a great online user experience. And adding enhanced interactivity is almost impossible.

You could also try to publish online via a cloud service, however often that just gives you images (no real interactivity) and will cost you monthly fees. That's where QuarkXPress HTML5 Publications can help:

  • Easy to create (just a few mouse clicks)
  • Works on all devices (it's 100% HTML5)
  • No additional cost (except a Webserver)
  • Powerful enrichments possible (like videos)
  • Great user experience (including accessibility)

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