QuarkXPress 2017 June 2018 Update

Posted by Geoff Powell on

As part of Quark's ongoing commitment to their user base also on previous versions, they  have released a new and free update for QuarkXPress 2017 that fixes customer reported bugs on MacOS and Windows. The free update solves several issues and adds new features.

How to update:
The best way to perform the update is to use Quark Auto Updater to update your version of QuarkXPress to the latest version. If you prefer to manually update, here are the updates to download: 


QuarkXPress 2017 June 2018 Update (internal version 13.2.4):


    Documentation of Known and Resolved Issues:


    If you prefer to upgrade to Quark Xpress 2018 you can do so for only £155.94 exc VAT (£187.12 inc VAT) here



    Please note that Quark will stop supporting QuarkXPress 2015 on Nov 30, 2018

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