Quark Xpress 2018 New Features - PDF, PDF/X and PDF/A

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Requirements for PDF workflows are constantly increasing. To keep up the pace,  callas® pdfToolbox technology has been implemented into QuarkXPress 2018 (coming May 16). callas pdfToolbox – which even includes the Adobe® PDF libraries – is considered the best PDF technology in the industry. That means QuarkXPress 2018 delivers the highest quality output for PDF, PDF/X and PDF/A, driven by two of the best PDF technology providers.

Accessibility and PDF/X-A

Accessibility compliant PDFs are not just important, but often mandatory. Many large corporations, governments and suppliers are required by law to supply information published online in an accessible format. The new PDF Print Engine in QuarkXPress 2018 includes tools for making PDFs accessible in order to help organizations meet regulations and better serve their customers.

The update to QuarkXPress 2018 is significant. When creating PDF in such environments often two requirements seem to clash:

  1. The PDF needs to be printed (ideally PDF/X-4)
  2. The PDF needs to be accessible (tagged) and to be archived (PDF/A)

Typically you would need to create two PDF files – one PDF/X and one PDF/A – but this is a nightmare, as you will always need to maintain two files.

Wouldn’t it be great to create one single PDF that complies to both standards -X and -A?

Voila! QuarkXPress 2018 will be the first layout application on the market with the ability to create ONE SINGLE PDF that complies to both standards, PDF/X-4 and PDF/A-2u, at the same time and in one file PDF/X-A! You can print them and archive them, and they are accessible. And combined with the new built-in JavaScript capabilities in QuarkXPress 2018 the new PDF Print Engine opens up a broad new way for print production automation.

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