Quark Xpress 2018 New Features - Java Scripting

Posted by Geoff Powell on

Scriptability and extensibility have always been core values of QuarkXPress. With QuarkXPress 2018 you will be able to write cross platform JavaScripts to automate repetitive tasks by accessing capabilities beyond the user interface.

For example, you - or anyone with basic Java Scripting and HTML programming skills (HTML DOM manipulation) - can create unique features by accessing application and file system level commands, you can modify layout objects using document object model (DOM API). Unlike the competition, QuarkXPress uses an up-to-date version of JavaScript (ECMAScript ES6+).

Your benefit is that you can add your own features or have somebody give you automation features by just creating a script. Want to delete all empty text boxes? A sample script we provide can do that. Format phone numbers using regular expressions (GREP)? That’s another sample script. Alphabetically sort paragraphs in a text box? Again, that’s a free sample provided with QuarkXPress. Convert typed URLs to live hyperlinks? You guessed it, another working sample.

And as QuarkXPress' JavaScript implementation is state-of-the-art, you can even load 3rd party JavaScript libraries that give you more functionality, like reading IPTC information out of images. Use the library and JavaScript in QuarkXPress 2018 to create a caption out of the IPTC information. Yes, again that's a free sample.

Of course, you can go even further, beyond the provided samples. Make use of modern interfaces (called REST) to connect QuarkXPress to Flickr or to WordPress. For example, you could easily create a script to ask Flickr for 12 images showing flowers and then put them into a grid on your page.

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