Free October Update for QuarkXPress 2018 available now

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With the latest update, QuarkXPress 2018 now officially supports the new macOS Mojave, released by Apple on September 24, and adds a "dark theme" to seamlessly integrate on macOS 10.14 and the dark mode. 

The new free update addresses additional known issues, dramatically increases performance on macOS and Windows 10, and adds additional features wished by customers worldwide:

  • Increased performance: Additional multi-threading on macOS and Windows using Asynchronous Image Rendering to increase the responsiveness of QuarkXPress documents so users can start working instantly when opening large documents or when complex PDFs are being placed.
  • Automatic Fit & Fill Attribute for Image Scaling: Keeps images automatically adjusted to the picture box if it is resized.
  • More functionality for built-in JavaScript: To automate QuarkXPress, now dialogs can be added to scripts to ease selection of files, folders and attributes.
  • Enhanced HTML5 Publications (progressive web apps): Text with drop shadows are exported as live text (to enable full text search), increased accessibility score and rendering of pages is now even faster.
  • Dark Theme: To make the experience on Mojave seamless, the October Update adds a “dark theme” on macOS.
  • Unicode/OpenType: Enhanced Unicode features like orthographic syllable boundaries and conjunct creation, support for Unicode 10 and Stylistic Set 0 support.
  • PDF Accessibility: PAC tool compliance.
  • And more

Download update for MacOS

Download Update for Windows

or download from

How to enable/disable "dark theme"

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