First Update for QuarkXPress 2018 released

Posted by Geoff Powell on

The free July 2018 Update for QuarkXPress 2018 has its main focus on adding further performance, quality and even better stability. It's available for both, macOS and Windows.

Exciting news for Mac users: Font Sub Menus are back

Though many users love the new font weight menu, several users asked for the font sub menus to come back. And in this update have added back the font sub menus that were present in QuarkXPress 2017 on macOS.

Best of all, if you like the new type weight popup added in QuarkXPress 2018, that of course is also still there. It's the best of both worlds.

How to update QuarkXPress 2018
The best way to perform the update is to use Quark Auto Updater to update your version of QuarkXPress to the latest version. If you prefer to manually update, please use below links.

QuarkXPress 2018 July Update (internal version 14.0.1)

Quark 14.0.1 Update for MacOS

Quark 14.0.1 Update for Windows

Documentation of Known and Resolved Issues


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