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3D Warehouse got a (huge) update

Have you ever gotten lost in your endless journey of model searching (and maybe re-finding) in 3D Warehouse? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you! With a strong emphasis on making our large library of models easier to curate and discover, we're making 3D Warehouse an indispensable addition to your workflow. 

Organizing your content

To make things a little easier, we are taking content organization to a whole new level.  With a brand-spankin' new User Content Manager, you will be able to bulk manage all of your models! Sweet!  With this change, gone are the days of deleting models from a folder one-by-one. Now, you can now multi-select and delete. Simple. But the organization doesn’t end there, we also made changes to folders, collections, and added a favorites feature. Organization nerds, rejoice! 

Folders: To make things a little more straightforward, we’re relaunching private collections as Folders. Just like private collections you can add any 3D Warehouse model to a folder and keep them private. Now you have the freedom to peruse and stock up on some of your most-used models.

Collections: Don’t worry we aren’t taking away your collections, but we did make an important update to help with the quality of your search results. Now, collections that contain models from commercial sources will no longer be displayed. We’re doing this to remove duplicate search results and point you in the right direction - to the original authors.

Not sure if this applies to you? No worries, we got you covered. If you have any public collections that contain commercial models, you’ll see a notification for each model. You can either remove the model from the collection, move it to your Favorites or move it to a folder. 

Favorites: Do you currently use the “like” function on 3D Warehouse? Well, good news, we heart you too. And, also, that feature isn’t going away - but we have added a more robust feature called “Favorites”. When you “Favorite” a model, it will automatically save to a private folder. Favorites. Faster. Boom.

Your profile just got a whole new look! Stylin'.

If you already have an account, you’ll notice some simplifications to your account profile. We added a way for you to tell us your interests and demographic information so we can show you more relevant content. So, make sure to take a little time to finish filling out your profile — you will be glad you did!

Signing in to 3D Warehouse

Going forward, if you need to download any 3D Warehouse models you will need to sign in to your account. If you already have a SketchUp account, this will just make your SketchUpping even more seamless. 

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