Sketchup Training for Interior Design Professionals and Students

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SketchupHub is a new SketchUp online learning platform and community, to teach Interior Design professionals how to create their own floor plans, FAST!

The SketchUp Hub is brought to you by Anita Brown 3D Visualisation. Anita has developed a range of courses to help Interior Designers and students, produce accurate floor plans and elevations, at a professional level, for the ultimate benefit of their business or studies.  Anita has also shared her knowledge of image editing techniques, by creating online courses that show her students how to transform their plans into beautiful, watercolour illustrations.

Anita Brown entered the world of 3D Visualisation as a result of her Interior Design studies, where she first became aware of CAD software, particularly SketchUp. She was immediately obsessed and amazed by SketchUp the minute she stumbled upon it! Due to its user-friendly interface and intuitive nature, Anita has been using SketchUp for a number of years to construct 3D models for her 3D Visualisation business, which serves the Interior Design, Wedding Planning and Event Design industries.

There are two packages of courses available...

SketchUp Bundle - a bundle of 7 courses aimed at teaching how to create floor plans, elevations and present to scale 

SketchUp Student Bundle - as above but discounted for students taking an Interior Design Course (proof required) 

 Click on the links above to see full details of the courses and then e-mail with your last order number and we'll send you the exclusive codes to get your 5% discount.

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