How to use identit-e to obtain your Quark Serial number

Posted by Geoff Powell on

If you have purchased an educational or not-for-profit version of Quark Xpress you'll be directed to to validate your purchase. It's not as straightforward as it might be because of the terminology used. 

Go to and enter the code we sent to you into the serial number field:

Click continue and you'll be prompted for your birth date, enter it and click continue. From the drop down list that appears choose the User Type e.g. Charity Employee. Click Continue.

Now enter your name and then complete the section about your Charity or Educational Institution. If it doesn't appear select that it doesn't appear on the list and in the field that appears type in your charity name and number..

Click continue and complete the fields that ask for your personal information. Once finished, Submit your information.

You should be presented with the screen confirming that you have submitted the documentation to verify that you qualify to use the software.

They ask you to wait 24 hours but I have found that if you click Contact Us and select "Live Chat ONLINE" then you can generally get someone to review your request and release the serial number immediately. 

I recommend that you use the ONLINE Chat so that even if they can't immediately release the software you will at least know that they have the documents they need.

Once the serial number has been e-mailed, you can use this web site to recover your serial number if you misplace it.

Any problems, e-mail or call us.





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