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Authorizing a license (Sketchup 2019)

There have been some changes in the way licences are used to activate Sketchup Pro since the introduction of Sketchup 2019 subscriptions.

On starting your trial version of Sketchup 2019 you'll now see this window:

If you have purchased a Sketchup Student Studio licence or a Sketchup Pro Bundle Subscription then just click "Sign In"

If you have purchase a stand alone Sketchup Pro 2019 commercial or student licence click "Add Classic Licence" and you'll be presented with this window:

Click on Add Licence to move to the next window:

Copy and paste you licence information from the e-mail you have been sent and then click "Add Licence" to complete activation.

You'll now have either a perpetual Sketchup Pro commercial licence listed or a twelve month Sketchup Pro Student licence.

If entering the details doesn't work by cutting and pasting the relevant lines doesn't work, click "Advanced" and copy and paste the full text of you licence details (the area between the ====== lines) into the box and "Add Licence" to complete activation.


Authorizing a license (pre Sketchup 2019)

Whether you have a single-user or network license, follow these steps to authorize your copy of SketchUp Pro:

  1. In the Welcome to SketchUp dialog box that appears when you start SketchUp Pro, click the Add Licensebutton at the top. If you don’t see the Welcome to SketchUp dialog box, select Help > Welcome to SketchUp. On a network, if your serial number and authorization code already appear in the License area of the Welcome to SketchUp dialog box, skip to Step 7.
  2. Open the license confirmation email that you received after purchasing your license.
  3. In the email, copy your serial number.
  4. In the Welcome to SketchUp dialog box, paste the serial number into the Serial Number text box.
  5. Back in your email, copy your authorization code.
  6. In the Welcome to SketchUp dialog box, paste the authorization code into the Authorization Code text box.
  7. Click the Add License button, and SketchUp Pro downloads a license file from the cloud to your computer.


Tip: Is the Add License area grayed out and inaccessible? This means you have installed SketchUp Make instead of the SketchUp Pro trial. If having two versions of SketchUp on your computer might be causing problems, try uninstalling SketchUp and then installing only the version you need.


In the following video, you can see how to authenticate your license for the selected version of SketchUp Pro. This video shows Sketchup Pro 2016 for Windows but the process is the same for newer versions and for MacOS.


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