• Transmutr for SketchUp Pro

Transmutr converts various 3D formats to SketchUp files, with powerful features such as geometry simplification, automated render-ready materials and proxies, as well as essential options like scaling, unit conversion, axes/origin transformations and much more.

Known issue: Transmutr does not work in SketchUp 2022 on Mac computers with M1 chips.


Scale Multiplier and Units Conversion help you resize the model in case it is not imported at the right scale.

Up Axis is used to orient the model correctly. This is particularly useful if the modeling application that the model is coming from uses a different coordinate system.

Origin moves the origin of the model (its pivot). This is especially useful when the geometry has been modeled far from the scene's origin.

Soften Coplanar Edges and Smooth angle are the same functions as in SketchUp. They are used to smooth/soften edges to get continuous surfaces.

Mesh Simplification

This feature reduces the number of faces of the model. If a model has hundreds of thousands or even millions of faces, it will probably make SketchUp slow (unless you are using proxies). In this case, it is often a good idea to simplify the model, as it will make it much lighter while preserving the overall shape of the original object.


Transmutr can export the model as a V-Ray Proxy, a Thea Proxy and an Enscape Proxy. In this way, SketchUp will only show a lightweight placeholder of the model and maintain good performance while the render engine will use the high-quality original model.

Material settings

Type will determine how a material is converted to V-Ray, Thea and Enscape. Depending on the chosen material type, different settings are available.

VRMat is V-Ray specific. It allows you to link a .vrmat file whose content will define the V-Ray material. If Transmutr finds in the input file folder a .vrmat file matching the name of a material, this material will automatically use this *.vrmat file. Transmutr will look for inputFolder/materialName.vrmat and inputFolder/materialName/materialName.vrmat Note that due to limitations in V-Ray, the materials may not look exactly the same between applications.

Transmutr for SketchUp Pro

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