• D5 Render

D5 Render - Real-time Presentation with Pixel-level Precision

D5's seamless integration with major CAD/BIM solutions including SketchUp, 3ds Max, Revit, Archicad, Rhino, Blender, and Cinema 4D allows you to stick with your favorite modeling software while switching to D5 Render.

With D5 Render integrated, designing, modeling and rendering go hand in hand to help you speed up your workflow as much as possible. Unlike most traditional rendering workflow, D5 rids you of meaningless waiting in front of screens for hours and saves your valuable time for further editing and polishing the projects.

D5 Render displays any model/texture/lighting change in the scene immediately. A self-explanatory draft preview from D5 is quickly at your disposal to negotiate with clients or co-workers. Let the renderings speak for itself.

D5 GI is an advanced global illumination solution, designed to cope with different lighting scenarios in your scenes. With innovative GI Sampling and denoising techniques, D5 offers you boosted performance, increased frame rate, and eliminated light leakage or noise.

D5 Render collaborates with top-tier 3d manufacturers worldwide to keep its library regularly updated.
D5 also has a bunch of handy tools for you to quickly set up a scene. You can brush, scatter, or just draw plants on a path.

System Requirements of D5 Render

Graphics Card: D5 Render’s real-time raytracing technology is built on DXR of Windows systems, and the current graphics cards that support DXR can be checked on on the D5 Render forum.

OS: Windows 10 v1809 or higher​

D5 Render is a GPU-based tool, with ray-tracing that requires both the GPU and the operating system to have corresponding modules, so they are essential factors in determining whether D5 can be run on your PC. The graphic card has a direct impact on the real-time effect and experience, as well as the final output time. Also, the video memory size determines the performance in handling complex scenes.

D5 Render

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